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Tubular construction of the moccasins: style, comfort and tradition

Costruzione tubolare dei mocassini, Il Gergo.

When we think of moccasins, comfortable shoes with a classic design come to mind. However, what most people often overlook is the construction method used to make them. In this article, we'll explore the tubular construction of moccasins, an age-old artisan technique that gives these shoes timeless elegance, unparalleled comfort, and extraordinary durability.

Tubular construction is one of the oldest techniques used in the production of moccasins and other similar types of footwear. Originally used by the indigenous tribes of North America, this artisanal technique has gone through centuries of history without losing its charm and relevance. Today, many high quality moccasins are still made with this traditional methodology, keeping alive a connection to the past.

This building process is an art that requires manual dexterity, patience and dedication. It begins by creating a "tube" of leather, made by wrapping the leather around a model of the foot, to form the top and sides of the shoe. This tube forms the basis of the shoe, and it is precisely from here that the construction technique takes its name.

Once the leather tube is created, the ends are stitched together to form the toe of the shoe. The seams are carefully hidden inside the tube to ensure a clean finish without annoying chafing. Next, the sole is added. In tubular construction, the outsole is stitched directly inside the leather tube, creating a single layer between the foot and the ground. This makes the moccasins incredibly flexible, as the shoe can move in harmony with the foot.

One of the main reasons why moccasins with tubular construction are so loved is the comfort, this technique allows the shoe to adapt perfectly to the shape of the wearer's foot, offering a tailored fit without pressure points or discomfort. In addition, the flexibility of the sole makes walking a pleasant and natural experience.

Tubular-constructed loafers are synonymous with elegance. These shoes are characterized by clean lines and a refined look, perfect to be combined with formal or casual attire. Their versatility makes them an ideal choice for any occasion, from work to special events, and are popular with both men and women.

This construction also helps ensure the loafers exceptional durability. Being made as a single layer of leather, with no parts glued or assembled, these loafers are incredibly resistant to wear and abrasion. With the right care, they can last for years, making them a smart and sustainable fashion investment.

The tubular construction of moccasins is a tradition that brings with it centuries of history, passion and craftsmanship. In addition to offering a timeless and elegant style, these shoes offer comfort and a tailored fit, adapting perfectly to the wearer's foot. If you are looking for a pair of footwear that combines tradition, comfort and durability, loafers with a tubular construction are the perfect choice.

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