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What is Trusted Shops?

Trusted Shops is the company that certifies e-commerce throughout Europe and guarantees consumers in their online purchases, yours to. Trusted Shops has certified more than 30,000 online shops worldwide and is considered the #1 trusted brand in Europe.

This is the Official Warranty Seal Trusted Shops:

Sigillo garanzia Trusted Shops

What does the Trusted Shops certification entail for an e-commerce?

To obtain Trusted Shops Certification like us, every e-commerce must comply with the legislation on distance selling, e-commerce and data protection in electronic commerce. The criteria to be respected in order to receive the Certification are numerous and include various aspects:

Company identity and availability. Our company name and our customer service channels are communicated in a clear and transparent way.
 • Data protection and security. The data we receive from our customers is collected and processed in compliance with the European Union's Privacy and GDPR Regulations and all transactions on our site are encrypted by the SSL Certificate.
 • Products and costs. The products available, their descriptions, methods of use and warnings are clearly indicated, as are the costs of the items and any shipping costs.
 • Delivery and payment. Delivery times and payment methods are clearly described in the general conditions and at checkout, so as not to have any nasty surprises.
 • Order process. During checkout, information about delivery, costs and payment methods are clear and complete.
 • Withdrawal. Our documentation contains all the useful information for the right of withdrawal.
 • Trusted Shops Guarantee. After each purchase you can register for free in the Trusted Shops Guarantee which insures you in the event of non-delivery or following the return of the goods, regardless of the payment method. You will find the link to the Guarantee as soon as you complete your online order.
 • Quality indicators. Our e-commerce is constantly monitored by the Trusted Shops team with respect to the following quality indicators:

        Reviews. The overall rating of the e-commerce reviews must reach at least the score of 3.0.
        Refunds. The number of refunds requested through Trusted Shops on the total number of orders processed must be less than 5%.
        Answers. At least 95% of guarantee requests that TrustedShops presents to the shop must be answered within 5 days.

What does the Trusted Shops Guarantee cover?

The Trusted Shops Guarantee insures the consumer up to € 2,500.00 on purchases made online at Trusted Shops certified stores, such as ours, regardless of the payment method chosen and in the following cases:

 • Delivery failure
 • No refund after withdrawal
 • Return of goods
 • Loss in transit

How can I subscribe to the guarantee?

After completing the purchase on, an invitation to subscribe to the Trusted Shops Guarantee will appear on the screen: just follow the steps indicated to register for the service and complete the activation, completely free. You will be directed to the site My Trusted Shops.

After registering, you will have your own Personal Area within Trusted Shops where you can activate your guarantees and request refunds in the cases already described above. It's all very simple.

What is the procedure for requesting a refund through Trusted Shops?

Log in with your credentials to the Personal Area on the site My Trusted Shops and proceed by selecting the reason for your warranty claim (I haven't received my order yet - I haven't received any refund from the store - I have another problem): you will be guided through the claim process in a simple way.

Remember that for any problem you can always contact our customer support at the email address or at the telephone number +39 0733 865149.

Can I leave a review?

Of course, a few days after receiving your order you will receive a review request from Trusted Shops at the email address with which you made the purchase where you can evaluate three factors (delivery, goods and customer service) and leave a written review on the service received .

You can also leave us a review by accessing your Personal Area directly on My Trusted Shops and clicking on "Review shop".

Where can I read shop reviews?

You can read all the verified reviews of customers who bought on our online shop on our reviews page Trusted Shops.

Is a Trusted Shops certified e-commerce site safer?

A Trusted Shops certified e-commerce like ours is a safer e-commerce because it has passed the analysis of the Trusted Shops legal team which certifies its compliance with current regulations and correct e-commerce practices and because it is constantly monitored in time.

Our e-commerce is even safer and more reliable as it also features the SSL Security Certificate which encrypts all data released during payment in order to protect it from any external attacks. Your personal information is safe.

Is a Trusted Shops certified e-commerce better?

A Trusted Shops certified e-commerce is not necessarily better in terms of aesthetics, but it is certainly better in terms of security and reliability for those who buy online: certification seal, free guarantee up to € 2,500.00, compliance with European regulations in terms of electronic commerce and attention to the consumer are fundamental aspects.

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