Shoe care

We have created a small guideline to share with you our tips of preserving the beauty of your shoes.

First step: clean your shoes

First of all, remove the laces to prevent them from getting dirty during the treatment. Wet a clean cotton cloth, squeeze it to remove excess water and rub it gently on the surface of the shoe to remove dust and other residual dirt. Let the shoes dry completely for a couple of hours, without exposing them to sunlight.

Second step: polish your shoes

When the shoes are completely dry, you can proceed with polishing. Choose a good shoe polish of the right shade and put it evenly over the surface with a horsehair brush. Proceed gently in circular motions.

Third step: make your shoes shine

To give more shine and homogeneity to your shoes, rub the leather of the shoe with a footwear sheepskin glove after applying the polish and letting it dry.

How to care shoes in suede

Suede leather is very delicate which is why it must be cleaned and treated with extreme care so that it can retain its beauty as long as possible. Through brushing is sometimes enough to remove dirt from the surface, but if that's not sufficient, use a suede brush with soft bristles and apply gentle pressure to the stains.

Last step: use the shoe tree

A shoe tree is an indispensable accessory. We recommend our customers to use a shoe tree when the shoe is not being worn because it helps to maintain the original shape of the shoes to avoid creases and absorb the moisture that is created inside.